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Are you relocating, going on holiday, on an extended business trip or have you bought or sold a vehicle? Do you need to move your vehicle over a long distance?

AutoFreight offers first class vehicle delivery services at a cost effective rate. We will collect your vehicle and deliver it at your destination, with no extra kilometers on your vehicle. This service will result in a savings on fuel cost, toll fees and car hire. It will cut back on traveling time and lower your stress levels. The risk factor is also being minimised – you can avoid accidents, damages or the possibility of being hijacked along the way. Added to this is the convenience of having the use of your own vehicle at your destination instead of the inconvenience, risk and high costs of a rental vehicle.

Auto Freight’s transport service is hassle-free
Auto Freight’s transport service is hassle-free and the various optional, value added packages have been designed to provide maximum convenience. These include the collection and/or delivery, storage, valet, repairs and service of your vehicle. We have a package which will suit your needs.
Safe and competitive vehicle ferrying service
At AutoFreight we are proud of our reliable, safe and competitive vehicle ferrying service. We will take as much care in transporting your vehicle as we would in transporting our own.
Transport Services include
Collection of vehicle, from client’s doorstep
Storage of vehicle,
Inspection and transport of vehicle,
Tracking and tracing of vehicle,
Delivery of vehicle to client’s doorstep
Value added Services
Service by dealer / service centre,
Panel beating services
Additional services on an ad hoc basis
Valet services
Special requests, e.g. bulk bookings (car clubs, motorcycle clubs, vintage cars, sports cars, closed car carriers (for launches), events etc.
For a free quotation contact Autofreight on 0861autofr8 (0861 288637) or (012) 349-1391/60 during business hours

PLEASE NOTE that Autofreight has been targeted by Identity Fraud. These individuals advertise secondhand cars on various car sales websites. They then use their own e-mail addresses and contact numbers under the name of Autofreight (Pty) Ltd to supposedly transport the cars. In these e-mails buyers are urged to make payment for transport into personal bank accounts. Autofreight is in no way associated with this and will not accept responsibility for any such transactions. Please make use of the contact details on this website and note that first point of contact e-mail address is