Company Profile

Customer service

Our primary loyalty is to our clients. Our commitment is to provide them with a professional, efficient and hassle free, reliable car transport service.

The Autofreight team

Our dedicated team possesses in-depth skills in a broad range of freighting services and disciplines. Our professional service and high level of commitment ensures that we are successful in sourcing and retaining clients. The Autofreight team gladly goes the extra mile for clients.


Autofreight was established in 2000 as a freightage company. It soon became clear that there was a need for a professional vehicle transport service between the major centres of South Africa. Over the years Autofreight has grown organically to a fully-fledged car transporting and 4PL company (transport broker), which can boast of being able to transport anything on wheels by road or rail, whether in a running condition or not (off-wheels on car carriers, or on flatbed or rollback trucks). Autofreight specialises in the transportation of vehicles, furniture removals by rail (in containers) and freighting services of retail products. Our main objective is to make the transportation process as seamless and convenient as possible for our clients. Autofreight strives to provide a fantastic service at a competitive price, with the minimum effort to the customer. Contractual agreements are in place with reputable companies, across the spectrum of vehicle freighting. According to these agreements Autofreight manages the logistics, marketing and customer liaison while utilising the service provision companies for their respective operational excellence. In 2014 Autofreight took over the services of Exclusive car Carriers, in order to improve our service offering to our customers.

Trusted relationships

Autofreight treasures our relationships with our clients, suppliers and business partners. We have established an extremely good relationship with our suppliers over the years, ensuring an open line of communication for competitive rates. We establish sound relationships with our clients, ensuring their peace of mind in Autofreight handling their possessions.

Responsibility for a business solution

Autofreight offers a complete packaged and efficient service to our clients. We take the utmost care in handling our clients' vehicles. Our priority is to deliver a cost effective solution to our clients' needs, with the minimum of stress. So if you are looking to transport a car, we have the solution for you.