Frequently asked questions

When the time comes to move a vehicle you are faced with some very tough and confusing questions. What choice is better for me? Road or rail? Depot to depot or door to door?

Depot to depot transport
If you choose to use the Depot to Depot option, your vehicle will be stored at a large facility until there are enough vehicles heading to the area you requested. The vehicles are then loaded onto a truck and transported to the required destination where it must be collected by the client. This cost-saving service is more convenient for the shipping company, especially if you live in an area where a large truck may not be able to reach your home. Although this service is often offered at a discounted rate, there are a few points that a client should consider before leaving a vehicle at a depot. It may take several days before there are enough vehicles to transport to your area, leaving you without a vehicle. You vehicle may be stored outside until it is loaded. Depot to Depot ferrying has advantages and disadvantages - it is up to the client to decide if this service will suit their needs.
Door to door transport
The alternative to Depot to Depot freighting is preferred by most vehicle owners. A truck or licensed driver will collect the vehicle when they have enough vehicles to transport. The client will therefore not be left without a vehicle for a long period. This Door to Door service is more expensive but many clients prefer to remain in possession of their vehicle until the transport takes place.
Door to depot transport
The vehicle will be collected from the client's home (either on- or off-wheels) and delivered to a depot at the destination.
Depot to door transport
With this option the vehicle can be dropped-off at a depot at a pre-arranged time and date. The vehicle will then be transported to your doorstep at the destination. This may involve a shuttle service (on- or off-wheels), depending on the accessibility at the destination.
What is the difference between depot to depot and door to door services?
It may sometimes not be possible for the auto transport company to deliver the vehicle to your doorstep. This may be because many trucks and trailers cannot travel the narrow and steep roads or streets, or enter security areas. In such a situation the carrier will contact you with the request that you should deliver or collect the vehicle at the nearest access point for loading or delivery. This will not affect the cost of the booking already made. Rather advise the booking office beforehand of any difficulty in loading or offloading, and arrange a convenient flat open area (preferably at a service station or parking area).
What does on-wheels and off-wheels mean?
If a vehicle is driven on the road, it is transported on-wheels. As soon as it is transported on a carrier, trailer or in a container on a train, it is transported off-wheels.
I want to move my car – how do I know what is the best option?
Similar to almost every other decision this one rides on your current circumstances and situation when you want to move your car. There are many factors that may influence your decision such as the lower cost of Depot to Depot shipping or the added safety and convenience of the Door to Door method. You should consider which option is best for you.
What is a transport broker or level 4 provider?
An auto transport broker is a middleman between the client and the actual auto transport carrier. This is a company like Autofreight who will arrange the transportation of the client's vehicle using the services of carriers who actually transport the vehicle. Think of us as your directory to the auto transportation industry – we have a vast network of auto transport carriers and know which carrier can best handle the job. In addition to being a level 4 provider, Autofreight also has its own carrier trucks.
Who typically transports cars by rail or road over long distances?
Motor vehicle manufacturers and car dealers / individuals who have purchased a car online from another area, families relocating (transporting an extra vehicle, boat, trailer or caravan) and students studying far from home all have a need to transport their vehicles over a long distance. There are also many individuals who work in distant areas for long periods and individuals who go on holiday, and prefer to have the use of their own car instead of renting a car vehicle at high rates. Road or Rail transport is cost-effective if you calculate the cost of fuel and toll roads, bad road structure, traffic and the stress of driving long hours, time wasted, and possible breakages and overnight accommodation. Transporting your vehicle will allow you the time and energy to do what is most important, concentrate on the task at hand and arrive well rested at your destination. There are certain reasons why people should have their vehicles shipped. Initial costs may be expensive but individuals actually save money doing it this way.
Why should I use the services of a transport broker like Autofreight as opposed to a car carrier company?
You may wonder why you should have to go through an auto transport broker like Autofreight and not deal directly with the auto transport carrier instead. There are some valid reasons, one of which is availability and flexibility of service. Auto carriers usually deliver vehicles on very specific routes, with delivery of up to two weeks. Autofreight has a vast network and know which reliable carrier can efficiently and cost-effectively handle the transportation of your vehicle - anywhere, anytime. We are well-placed to quickly and efficiently track down trucks in your immediate area and you can be assured that the pick-up time will be much quicker than if you were to directly contact an auto carrier company. With us you are not only a vehicle registration number, and we care enough to try and negotiate the best price for you. Autofreight will adapt to your transport needs, e.g. non-runners, and the freighting of other types of vehicles, e.g. boats, trailers, caravans, even jet skis and motorcycles. In the final analysis, using Autofreight to handle your vehicle transport is much easier, safer and hassle-free.
Does Autofreight have their own car carrier trucks?
Autofreight does have their own trucks, only operating on certain routes. Where possible we will schedule your vehicle on one of these trucks.
Will Autofreight document all damages when the vehicle is collected for transportation?
Definitely - this will prevent problems should new damage appear on the vehicle while it is in the care of the company. Doing this will ensure that you have peace of mind that you will not be surprised with damages on delivery, and will also assist insurance claims in the unfortunate event of damages occurring during transport.
Which company carries insurance (if any) – Autofreight or the auto carriers?
Note that transport brokers do not insure vehicles. It is the actual carrier that shoulders the insurance of your vehicle. At best, all that Autofreight can do is find a reputable carrier for your vehicle and mediate in the settlement of the insurance claims in case of loss or damages.
How much insurance cover do I need?
One of the most important things that you can do when arranging for auto transport is to ensure that you have enough insurance to cover the total loss of the vehicle. A vehicle or truck is a huge investment, and chances are that you cannot afford to lose it. Make sure that you contact your personal auto insurance company in order to obtain enough insurance to replace the vehicle should it be damaged in any way during transit.
How safe is vehicle transport?
Thousands of vehicles are transported monthly, over long distances. Incidents do happen, but the percentage of incidents occurring during the transportation process is very small, even smaller with rail transport. Drivers are well trained and experienced. Do take note that your vehicle will be safer on a car carrier than when being driven in traffic over a long distance and on bad roads. On the positive side one should remember that if something happens to the vehicle while it is being transported, the accident will not affect you or your family! Insurance will replace your vehicle, whereas your beloved family cannot be replaced!
Can I use my vehicle for personal belongings?
It is not a good idea to use the vehicle for personal belongings while it is being transported. There is always the possibility that the goods can be stolen while the vehicle is being loaded or unloaded or even during transit. Most carrier companies will not accept your vehicle if there are personal belongings in the vehicle, as stolen goods and drugs have been confiscated from vehicles in the past. An arrangement can be made with Autofreight to transport belongings inside the vehicle during rail (container) transport. In some cases companies will allow up to 100kg of luggage, on condition that it is stored in the boot of the car. No responsibility will however be taken for this.
Why is car transport better than driving?
If you transport your vehicle you will be spending a large amount of money at one time. If you decide to drive your vehicle, however, you are spending money on fuel, tolls and breakages. If you are driving a long distance you will have a huge amount of wear and tear on the vehicle. There is always the risk of you being involved in an accident. Sometimes driving can be discomforting, tiring and stressful because you may be driving for long hours on unfamiliar or bad roads. Extra money may be spent on accommodation along the way. Vehicle transport can be planned according to your needs and budget.
Why use Autofreight's services?
• Our seasonal travelers have been with us year after year and recommend us repeatedly.
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• Your vehicle is very important to you, and we understand this. We understand the emotional attachment you might have with your car, and will look after it as if it was our own.
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• We are reliable - prompt, safe delivery.
• We are convenient - door-to-door service, pick-up/drop-off.
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