We focus our activities in areas where we have experience and competence, so that we can supply our clients with a professional and value added service.

Autofreight offers the following transport options:



Rail Transport (in shipping containers) – for vehicles and furniture
Road Transport (by car carrier or car trailer – off- wheels) – vehicles in running condition
Road Transport (by trailer – off wheels) – non-runners, damaged vehicles, motorcycles, 4x4's, off-road trailers or off-road caravans
Road Transport (on-wheels, driven by professional drivers) – mostly to/from depots
Premier Classe train travel – transport your vehicle on the same train on which you travel


International shipping

Sea Transport (in shipping containers) – for vehicles, household goods or furniture
Freighting Logistics – freighting & Forwarding services
Air Transport – by request
Vehicle Transport Services - Autofreight will transport and deliver your vehicle, boat, caravan, trailer, motorbike, jet ski or golf cart etc. from any source to any destination, whether in South Africa, cross-border or overseas.
This includes vehicle accessories and parts (in big quantities)

Services Overview

Vehicle transport by rail

Vehicle transport by rail (large quantities)

Transport by goods train
Autofreight offers a rail service by goods train (in rail containers) for large quantities of vehicles at a time. Autofreight is a Transnet Freight Rail licensed intermodal operator, with years of experience in container transport by rail or train. This model is ideally suited for OEM's, import/export and rental companies. Vehicles can either be delivered to our depot by your representatives, or transported by a vehicle shuttle service. After checking, loading and securing the vehicles, the containers will be sealed and freighted to the depot closest to your destination, for collection or delivery. This service is cost effective, and ideally suited to customers who are not time sensitive, or have to move a large quantity of cars. As the transport duration depends on Transnet's schedules, the trip can take anything from 3 to 8 working days. This mode of transport also works well for sports clubs who would like to transport vintage or sports vehicles between major centres.

Premier classe train travel for passengers and their vehicles
We will direct you to the easiest way to book travel for yourself while transporting your vehicle on the same train.

Current rail transport routes between
Johannesburg and Cape Town
Johannesburg and Durban
Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth
Vehicles can also be booked separately on some of these routes – please enquire at our offices.

Vehicle transport by road

Vehicle transport by road

Rates will be determined according to the distance and route, as well as size, value and condition of the vehicle to be moved.

Depot to depot transport – by car carrier
With this option you can drop-off your vehicle at a depot on a specific time and day. Once the carrier is scheduled to leave, the vehicle is loaded and transported to the destination, where you can pick up the vehicle. This is a relatively stress-free option to move your car, although delivery dates cannot be guaranteed. Up to a week has to be allowed for delivery.

Door to door transport – by car carrier
The vehicle will be picked up at your address (or nearest access point) and delivered to your destination (or nearest access point). Full comprehensive insurance is available on certain carriers, and can be included in our quotation. Alternatively you can notify your short term insurance of the transport. Please note that it may not be possible for the auto transport company to deliver the vehicle right to your door step; this may be because some trucks and trailers cannot travel the narrow and steep roads or streets, or enter gates at security areas. In this case the car carrier driver may call and ask you to collect the vehicle at the nearest access point (this will still be invoiced as door to door). If you are aware of restricted access at the destination, please mention this to Autofreight beforehand, as difficulties with access can slow down collections and deliveries.

Door to depot
Your vehicle will be picked up from you home (either on- or off-wheels) and delivered to a depot at the destination. This applies to new or used vehicles, motorcycles, 4x4's etc.

Depot to door
With this option you can drop-off your vehicle at a depot at a pre-arranged time and date. The vehicle will then be transported to your doorstep at the destination. This may involve a shuttle service (on- or off-wheels) depending on the accessibility at the destination.

Enclosed car carrier
An enclosed carrier can carry only a limited number of vehicles at a time, offering more protection to the vehicle. It is, however, quite expensive, especially if the carrier cannot be filled en route. This is ideal for launches of new vehicles, auto exhibitions, events or luxury vehicles.

Transport of non-runners
Vehicles that have been damaged in accidents or are experiencing engine failure, need special care as they cannot be loaded onto the usual car carrier. Special winches may be needed, or even low-bed trucks or car trailers. Autofreight will arrange the most cost effective transport, according to the vehicle's status.

Furniture transport by rail

Furniture transport by rail

Autofreight is a TFR licensed intermodal operator, with years of experience in container transport by rail or train. A 6m or 12 m shipping container will be brought to your address on a truck (as close as a truck can get to your address). You will then be allowed 3-4 hours to load the container with your household furniture. The container will be sealed and taken to the nearest rail depot, where it will be loaded onto a goods train. Upon arrival at the destination depot the container will once again be brought to your address (as close as possible), where you will once again have 3-4 hours to offload the container. The insurance rule is 'no seal break, no claim', so you should ensure that the packing is done well so that the contents will not move during transport. Autofreight does not provide packing teams, so we suggest that you hire a packing team for this.

We will need an inventory with booking for insurance purposes.

As the transport duration depends on Transnet's schedules, the trip can take anything from 3 to 8 working days. This mode of transport is preferred by customers who are not time sensitive.