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Unfortunately train transport is not currently operational for individual/private vehicles.

Autofreight offers a convenient vehicle relocation service on car carriers – that’s a wise move!

Transporting your vehicle off-wheels may seem like a large once-off expense. Keep the following expenses in mind before deciding to drive to your destination yourself – fuel and tolls, wear and tear as well as depreciation (extra mileage). There is always the risk of having a breakdown, engine problems or flat tyre, or being involved in an accident. Sometimes driving can be discomforting, tiring and stressful because you may be driving for long hours on unfamiliar or bad roads. Extra money may be spent on accommodation along the way. Autofreight can assist in planning according to your schedule, needs and budget, and save you time.

Thousands of vehicles are transported monthly, over long distances. Incidents do happen, but the percentage of incidents occurring during the car carrier transportation process is very small.

Car carrier truck drivers are well trained and experienced. Your vehicle might be safer on a car carrier than when being driven in traffic over a long distance and on bad roads. On the positive side one should remember that if something happens to the vehicle while it is being transported, the accident will not affect you or your family! Insurance will replace your vehicle, whereas your beloved family cannot ever be replaced!

It is not a good idea to use the vehicle for personal belongings while it is being transported. There is always the possibility that the goods can be stolen while the truck is parked at a truck stop or weigh bridge. Depots will not accept your vehicle if there are personal belongings in the vehicle, as this poses a security risk. In exceptional cases Autofreight will allow up to 25kg of luggage (door to door option only), on condition that it is stored in the boot of the car. No responsibility will however be taken for this. Autofreight is a vehicle transport company only, and we can refer you to courier or furniture removal companies should you want to move items.

We suggest that you try to keep the fuel to about 25% of the capacity, if possible.  This will help minimise risk and lower the total weight on the carrier.

There are many reasons why it is impossible to give a specific time for collection or delivery. Our door-to-door trucks have to cover a wide area when collecting or delivering vehicles. Traffic, load shedding, loading times, the weather and unforeseen delays will affect our schedules. Going through a weighbridge en route can cause lengthy delays, as will road works. Schedules can change at any time, and we do not want to create expectations and then have to disappoint our clients.  For this reason we suggest that our clients arrange for someone to be available at the address within 30 to 60 minutes.  Our drivers will then contact clients 30 to 60 minutes before arriving at the address(es).

Definitely – this will prevent problems should new damage appear on the vehicle while it is in the care of the company. Doing this will ensure that you have peace of mind that you will not be surprised with damages on delivery, and will also assist insurance claims in the unfortunate event of damages occurring during transport.

Autofreight do have their own trucks, operating on a door-to-door service on certain routes. Where possible we will schedule your vehicle on one of these trucks. Depending on capacity or routes, we might make use of reputable carrier companies, which we have agreements with, to transport your vehicle.

  • We have proven ourselves as a competent, reliable and professional company over the past 23 years.
  • Our seasonal travellers have been with us year after year and recommend us repeatedly.
  • We have many return customers, and good referrals from satisfied customers.
  • Your vehicle is very important to you, and we understand this. 
  • We understand the emotional attachment you might have with your car, and will look after it as if it was our own.
  • Time-sensitive emergencies will be handled with priority status.
  • We endeavour to provide prompt, safe delivery.
  • We offer convenience – door-to-door service, pick-up/drop-off shuttle services (on selected routes).
  • We have routes countrywide and can accommodate special requests, eg non-runners.
  • Competitive prices.
  • We are professionals in vehicle transportation.

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