Fast Service Between Johannesburg and Cape Town

Autofreight’s carriers leave on Tuesdays from Pretoria/Johannesburg and arrive late on Wednesdays in Cape Town.  Vehicles are then delivered on Thursdays.

Vehicles are collected in Cape Town and delivered in Johannesburg/Pretoria on Fridays.  This is a very convenient and cost-effective option for our clients, and we get lots of compliments on this service. Bookings depend on availability at the time of booking,

Vehicle Transport By Road

Door to Door Transport (select routes)

The vehicle will be collected from your address (or nearest access point) and delivered to your destination (or nearest access point) on a car carrier. Please note that it might not be possible for the large carrier to deliver the vehicle right to your doorstep because of narrow roads, estates, overhanging trees, road surface, areas etc. In this case the car carrier driver may call and ask you to meet the carrier at the nearest access point where the carrier can safely stop to load/offload your vehicle (note this will still be invoiced as door to door). If you are aware of restricted access at the destination, please mention this to Autofreight beforehand, as difficulties with access can slow down collections and deliveries. The ideal loading/offloading location is a flat open area close to your address (such as a service station or parking area)

Please note we cannot commit to a specific time for collections/deliveries, but our drivers will phone 30 – 60 minutes before arriving to give you a heads-up. We request that you arrange for someone to be available at or close to the address for collection/delivery on the day of transport.

Depot to Door/Car dealer

With this option you can drop-off your vehicle at a depot at a pre-arranged time and date. The vehicle will then be delivered to your address or a car dealership.

Depot to Depot Transport

With this option you can drop off your vehicle at a depot heading to the destination depot on a specific time and weekday. Once there the vehicle will be scheduled on the first available carrier and  transported to the required destination where it must be collected by yourself or your appointed driver. 

This is a relatively stress-free option to move your car, although delivery dates cannot be guaranteed. Up to a week has to be allowed for delivery.

Door/Car dealer to Depot

Your vehicle will be collected from your home or a car dealership you have made arrangements with, and delivered by carrier to a depot at the destination. We will advise as soon as the vehicle arrives at the destination depot, from where you can collect the vehicle.

Transport of Non-runners

Vehicles that have been damaged in accidents or are experiencing engine failure, need special care as they cannot be loaded onto any car carrier. This service is limited to certain routes and carriers specially equipped for this transport. Autofreight needs to know the condition of the vehicle in order to arrange a carrier truck equipped to transport it.

Shuttle Services in Johannesburg and Cape Town


Departing from ORT Airport – our shuttle service will meet you at the airport before your flight, and drive your vehicle to a nearby secure storage facility, from where our car carrier will collect it en route to Cape Town.

Arrival at ORT – our shuttle service will meet you at ORT Airport and hand over the vehicle to you (please note vehicle has to be transported to Johannesburg well in time to arrange this option)

Cape Town

Departing from Cape Town Airport – our shuttle service can meet you at the airport before your flight, and then drive it to the depot, from where it will be collected by us.

Arrival at Cape Town Airport – Our shuttle service can meet you at Cape Town Airport when you arrive, saving you on taxi/uber costs.

The same applies for shuttling a vehicle to/from your address.

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